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The Best Birthday Party EVER!

SDK is my greatest teacher... Even on his birthday, he gave me the gift of a beautiful and powerful lesson.

I love parties... I like to plan them. I like to attend them...and I have always made a very big deal of SDK's birthday parties. SDK's parties have always been very well attended... But the families present were generally an extension of SDK's parents' relationships. I always kept a pretty hearty group of mommy friends so birthday parties were a yearly rotation of my friends and their kids... Well, last year there was a shift...

As children get older, relationships become more cerebral and parents can longer put them in a pen like puppies and just say "play". Relationships begin to develop based on common interests. SDK's unilateral interests coupled with his emerging social skills result in being the odd man out at times. SDK doesn't notice...but I do.

Last month, I asked SDK what did he want to do for his birthday... He told me he wanted to go to Build-A-Bear and PF Chang with J_ and L_. My first thought was..."That's not a party. That's a play date." But he was adamant about spending his birthday with only these two children...I followed his wishes. We called Build-A-Bear and were told we needed at least 5 children to reserve a party. I turned to SDK... He said, "Nope, I just want J_ and L_ for my party.

The day of his party arrives and I'm a little nervous because I've never attended a birthday party with only two guests... If one doesn't show up, that's half his guest list.

Well, they both showed up and I can say without question that I just attended the best birthday party I've ever been blessed to witness... The day was so intentional and truly a celebration of My Child. He was with people who not only liked him...but understood him, had a relationship with him, and loved him for exactly who he is... When he opened his gifts from them, I could tell they knew My Child. Those were SDK's favorite things!!! These two children really knew My Baby. They were his FRIENDS.

I am so proud that my 9 year old was able to choose quality over quantity. Today, I heard him laugh from his belly with his head thrown back as his friends got his quirky sense of humor. He was completely in his element.

Last year, SDK received two birthday party invitations from classmates... J_ and L_. I guess he noticed more than I gave him credit for...

Do YOU, SDK!!! You teach your mama a new lesson everyday.... ❤❤❤❤‪#‎ILoveMySuperKid‬

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