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The KinderJam®

Early Learning System

In response to our quickly changing educational landscape, KinderJam has created a NEW interactive at-home curriculum that promotes parent and child engagement through fun and educationally sound music and movement activities.

KinderJam Curriculum Starter Gift Set

The Perfect Gift! Give a family the gift of enriching and engaging learning FUN!


The KinderJam Starter Kit includes everything a forever teacher needs to begin their KinderJam early learning experience!



• KinderJam Curriculum Kit (Supplies for both parent and child) 

• Welcome to KinderJam Parent Course

• KinderJam Virtual Class 1 & 2

• Parents' Corner 1 & 2


Empowering the Forever Teacher

TEACHERS come and go, but YOUR CHILD has you for a LIFETIME. KinderJam supports you as you build a strong foundation for your child’s learning during early childhood and beyond.


KinderJam® is here to assist you in your role as your child’s first and most influential teacher.You are not alone. We equip families with information and tools to support their young child’s positive growth and development.


Experience Dr. El's unique brand of Straight Talk, which makes complex concepts simple to understand and high-quality knowledge easy to apply. Work with KinderJam's founder to provide your staff and families with individualized consultation or fun, engaging, and informative, training sessions and keynotes. 

Work with Dr. El


KinderJam Clients

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