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KinderJam Parent Engagement Curriculum 

Welcome to the vibrant world of KinderJam! Originating from Dr. El's personal journey with her toddler son's needs in 2008, our program has become a beacon of enrichment for children and families worldwide. Dive into a dynamic parent engagement curriculum that cultivates strong bonds and healthy interactions through lively music and movement activities. Join us in blending physical, academic, and social-emotional development for an exciting and enriching experience for every family.


Empowering the Forever Teacher

As service providers, we are committed to supporting parents as they guide their children's development. At KinderJam, we help you empower parents to build a strong foundation for their child's learning journey, from early childhood onward. Together, we equip families with knowledge, skills, and tools to support positive growth and development of young children and foster healthy family bonding.


Bring the Joy of KinderJam to Families

Transform the families you serve with KinderJam's parent engagement curriculum. Cultivate strong bonds and healthy interactions while promoting physical, academic, and social-emotional development. With fun music and movement activities, empower families to thrive and succeed together. Invest in their future today.

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