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Welcome to Ricky II's inspiring journey, a testament to resilience, determination, and boundless achievement. Ricky II, an individual on the autism spectrum, has excelled in every aspect of life. With a stellar 3.9 GPA, membership in the National Honor Society, and accolades as an author, visual artist, musician, and leader, Ricky II embodies the spirit of overcoming obstacles and embracing opportunities. As the Drum Major of his high school's marching band and affectionately known as SuperDuperYoungMan (SDYM), Ricky II's journey celebrates his achievements and inspires others along the way!



Ricky II made his grand entrance into the world, a shining testament to resilience and the power of hope. Born as "Twin B" during a fragile pregnancy, he defied the odds and emerged as his mother's miracle child. From the very beginning, Ricky II's journey was marked by courage and determination, wrapped in the warm embrace of his mother's unwavering love.


Ricky II's mother notice delays in his development and sought help but found support lacking. Undeterred, she followed his natural inclination to music, creating a music and movement learning program on their living room floor. Together, they engaged in this daily routine, gathering data to effectively advocate for his needs with service providers. Unknowingly, this initiative laid the foundation for KinderJam, born from love and dedication. 


After years of advocating for Ricky II's best interests, his mother turned to Stanford University Children's Hospital. At four years and five months old, Ricky II received a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder. This marked the beginning of a journey filled with opportunities for growth, fueled by boundless love, determination, and unwavering support from a mother who believed in her extraordinary son every step of the way.


In kindergarten, Ricky II's passion for art blossomed. His drawings, frequently portraying inanimate objects, reflected his deep attachment to them—a distinctive trait among individuals on the autism spectrum. Ricky II's fascination with these objects translated into hundreds of drawings, each one a testament to his extraordinary connection with the world. Through art, Ricky II found a powerful way to express himself, illuminating his path forward with creativity and insight, foreshadowing the remarkable journey ahead.


Ricky II and his mom co-authored "Friendship Numbers: The Adventures of SuperDuperKid," a Book based on a KinderJam song about inclusion. The book celebrates diversity, highlighting the vibrant tapestry of friendship and play. Also, during this time, Ricky II's musical horizons expanded when introduced to the euphonium by his elementary school band teacher. These milestones, weaving creativity and compassion, illuminated the path toward Ricky II's extraordinary journey ahead.


Ricky II's middle school wind ensemble selection was a pivotal moment, highlighting his musical talents. This mirrored the beginnings of KinderJam in 2008, founded to support his development. Through music and movement, KinderJam collected data on Ricky's progress, enabling his mother to advocate effectively for him. Now, over a decade later, music has become the area in which Ricky excels, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and nurturing the unique abilities of children on the autism spectrum.
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Once nonverbal, Ricky II found his voice alongside his mom, launching "Ricky II's Life Reflections," a YouTube series exploring autism spectrum disorder. Their aim was to promote awareness and acceptance within the autism community. During this time, his mom shared a YouTube video of the Incomparable FAMU Marching 100, her alma mater's band. Watching the Drum Major perform sparked a new dream in Ricky II—to one day take on that very role. This marked the start of a new aspiration, reflecting Ricky II's limitless potential and unwavering determination to pursue his dreams.


A pivotal chapter unfolded in Ricky II's journey. His mom enrolled him in the FAMU Marching 100's Summer Band Camp, marking the beginning of an exciting new adventure. Alongside this, Ricky II also joined his high school marching band as a freshman. This decision was more than just joining a band—it was a testament to Ricky II's passion for music and his mother's unwavering support for his dreams. Through these experiences, Ricky II's musical talents continued to blossom, setting the stage for the remarkable achievements that lay ahead.


Ricky II's journey continued to sparkle. At FAMU's Band Camp, he earned the Spirit and Leadership Award. He became the executive officer of his high school marching band. Alongside these achievements, Ricky II maintained an outstanding 3.9 GPA, showcasing his dedication and resilience. These accomplishments speak volumes about Ricky II's commitment to excellence and his ability to excel in all aspects of his life.


Ricky II's journey soared to new heights. At Band Camp, he earned the Most Dedicated Drum Major Award and a full Band Camp scholarship. His induction into the National Honor Society celebrated his academic excellence and leadership. Meanwhile, Ricky continued to serve in a leadership role in his high school marching band while nurturing his passion for painting, particularly focusing on roller coasters. This period epitomized a time of remarkable growth, achievement, and artistic exploration for Ricky II, showcasing his diverse talents and limitless potential.
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Ricky II's journey soared to new heights. Invited to perform in the Mid-Atlantic Honor Band with Shenandoah University Conservatory, Ricky showcased his musical prowess. Maintaining his stellar 3.9 GPA, Ricky's commitment to academic excellence remained unwavering. He was selected as drum major for his high school band's upcoming senior year - his DREAM COME TRUE!!! He's LIMITLESS!!!!
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