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Parenting as Healing: Finding Strength in Unconditional Love

SDYM is the ABSOLUTE SONshine in my life.

Life can be tough.

And, responsible adulting is not for the faint of heart.

But, This Child’s light doesn’t allow me to stay in darkness long.

Yesterday afternoon, SDYM made a mistake that required my assistance.

I drove to the school to try to help him resolve the dilemma.

I was silent on the car ride home.

SDYM reached for my hand.

I could tell by the way his finger was rubbing my hand that he was trying to connect with me.

To ease the tension, I told him I was not mad, but I was disappointed.

Then we talked.

When, we got in the house, SDYM told me he needed to take some time to himself to process his feelings (this is my language when I don’t want to misspeak due to emotions).

I suggested that he go for a run, so could not only clear his head but also give the gift of fitness to his future self.

Then, I offered him the reminder to be kind to himself in his words as he processed his feelings (I don’t want anyone to speak unkindly to My Child…not even My Child).

When he returned from his run…he told me that he talked to God, because God is the most positive therapist…and he felt better.

Then, he put a hand on each of my shoulders and looked me square in the eyes.

SDYM: I came up with my New Year’s resolution.

Me: Okay.

SDYM: My New Year’s resolution is to always think about your feelings.


How can I be down about anything long, when God has blessed me with 17 years of PURE LOVE?

Parenting has been my healing process.

This Child has made all the wrongs in my life right and his light has brightened the darkest parts of My Soul.

Thank you, Father God, for giving me just who I needed to soften what was harden and heal the broken pieces inside of me.

Our children are our God given do overs. We get the opportunity to right wrongs and break generational traumas.  #KnowBetter #DoBetter #BeBetter and #WatchThenThrive


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