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Professional Development

Mama Bear: Engaging Families of Young Children with Disabilities

This workshop integrates parent narratives and experiences to provide practitioners with a structured framework for better engaging families of children with disabilities. Through whole group discussions and bilateral exercises, participants gain strategies to foster collaborative, trusting partnerships that result in desired learning outcomes.

Strengthening Family Partnerships: Engaging Families of Diverse Young Children

Analyzing effective communication, this workshop explores methods for building strong family or professional partnerships based on healthy communication. Through whole group discussions and small group exercises, participants learn strategies to catalyze collaborative, trusting, and respectful partnerships for desired learning outcomes.

Cultural Humility: A Tool for Creating Safe Spaces for Collaboration and Partnerships with Diverse Families of Young Children

Focusing on ongoing commitment to self-evaluation, this workshop explores Cultural Humility to develop tools for serving diverse communities. Participants differentiate between Cultural Humility and Cultural Competence, aiming to establish respectful relationships and move from competence to humility.

The Power of Words: Effective Communication and Relationship Building with Families Emphasizing the importance of effective communication in relationship building, this training equips learners with skills for positive communication, connecting healthy rapport with families to the delivery of sensitive information, ensuring a vocabulary that preserves positive relationships.

What Do I See? How Do I Say It?: Recording Objective Observations and Communicating Findings with Families

Through this workshop, early childhood educators will master the art of effectively conveying developmental concerns to families ("Say It"), adeptly communicating daily behavioral incidents with families ("Tell It"), and providing thorough incident reports to administration ("Report It"). Participants will acquire clear and unbiased methods for relaying events with children in the early childhood setting to all necessary stakeholders, fostering relationship-building and preservation.

Harmony in the Classroom: Strategies for Self-awareness and Teacher Well-being

Empowering teachers with knowledge and strategies, this workshop focuses on cultivating heightened self-awareness, facilitating emotionally intelligent decisions, and preserving teacher well-being while creating an environment for diverse young learners.

“Comprehensive” Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Early Child Education and Family Services

Exposing participants to knowledge and skills for effective interdisciplinary collaboration, this workshop enhances the ability to work cohesively as a team, providing comprehensive support for young children and their families.

New Horizons: Adapting and Thriving During Organizational Transitions

This workshop explores organizational change, addressing its impact on service providers' well-being, fostering a growth mindset, providing tools for self-care and stress management, and developing strategies for effective communication and collaboration during transitions.

Friendship Numbers: How to Introduce Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to Young Children Ensuring that children, like adults, experience respectful, safe, and inclusive environments is vital. This training provides developmentally appropriate strategies and talking points to instill the ideals of inclusion and social justice in young children. It incorporates a read-aloud book, song, and activities that can be seamlessly integrated into learning environments.

DEI for the ECE Setting: Acknowledging and Embracing the Diversity of the Families We Support

Customized to address specific challenges, this training explores self-awareness, implicit biases, and instructional strategies to engage and support diverse young children and their families, culminating in an exploration of Responsive Behaviors Communication Level 2 (RBC 2).


DEI for the Work Environment: Diverse People Working Together to Help Families WIN!

Beginning with a detailed needs assessment, this training emphasizes inclusion and respect, aiming to drive behavioral change and cultivate a safe, inclusive work environment for diverse teams. Participants learn to identify, evaluate, and resolve common workplace challenges to build a winning organizational culture.

Family Development

Powerful Parenting: Crafting a Vision for Success

Dr. El Brown, a former Head Start student and founder/CEO of KinderJam, shares a compelling narrative highlighting the pivotal role of committed parents. This motivating workshop empowers parents with insights on creating a curriculum for their children, guiding them how to plan for their child's success from objective to positive outcomes. Participants leave with a parenting vision statement and a three-month parenting plan.

The World Is Your Classroom: Strategies for Identifying Teachable Moments in Everyday Living

Parents discover how to use everyday activities to teach young children across academic and social-emotional domains. This workshop emphasizes that creating teachable moments doesn't have to be costly or time-consuming; learning is all around us.

The Advocacy Blueprint: Tools for Parental Collaboration

Navigating the delicate dance of advocating for young learners is explored in this workshop. It delves into the difference between advocacy and confrontation, emphasizing that effective advocacy is led by logic. Parents gain tools to collaboratively advocate with service providers, fostering positive outcomes for their young learners and families.

Mama Bear/Papa Bear: Methods of Effectively Advocating for Your Child with Disabilities

Enhancing families' capacity in decision-making related to medical, educational, and social transitions for children with disabilities, this workshop emphasizes effective communication. Participants practice taking quick anecdotal notes, engage in role-play exercises, differentiate between parent involvement and engagement, and develop one measurable goal for their child.


Tailored Professional and Family Development

Didn't find the perfect match? No worries! I'm here and excited to collaborate with you in tailoring a workshop that perfectly suits your team and family needs. Let's create customized solutions together to ensure your organization and families achieve success. I'm eager to work with you to help families WIN!"

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