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Mama Bears Unite: Creating Safe Spaces for Children with Disabilities

Last night, I had the awesome honor of speaking with the mothers of Jack and Jill, Eastern Region about summer camps for children with disabilities.

Admittedly, I may have been more reserved on the call than I usually am when presenting…because I was trying to hold it together.

At one point, when another presenter was speaking, I had to go off camera and collect myself.

You see, in 2011, when SDYM received his autism spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnosis, I was a member of Jack and Jill, San Jose Chapter.

It was a dark time and the Mother Members of the Chapter covered us.

After transferring to the East Coast, I felt it was best for me to pioneer a different way for my small family. Parenting a child with autism was new to me and my spirit was fragile.

Last night, I witnessed this wonderful organization of mothers host near 150 mothers, who were determined to carve out a safe space for children with disabilities to GROW, THRIVE, and simply BE CHILDREN.

And, it was more than my heart could hold.

A room FULL of Mama Bears! #BlessingsOnBlessings


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