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Love, Understanding, and Support: A Heartfelt Exchange Between Mother and Son

Yesterday, I was stressed…like really stressed.

SDYM is in crunch time. And, I fully recognize that we have less than 8 months before his 18th birthday and 17 months before he graduates.

We’re in the home stretch and I have so much to do to prepare him.

So, yesterday evening, as I was packing for our trip to Shenandoah University this weekend, I had to stop because I felt anxiety creeping up in my soul.

I sat down on a stool in my closet and began to cry and sing a hymnal that I hadn’t sung since childhood, What a Friend We Have in Jesus.

 🎵What a friend we have in Jesus

All our sins and griefs to bear

What a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer.

O what peace we often forfeit

O what needless pain we bear

All because we do not carry everything to God in prayer🎵

The words just came to me and brought me comfort.

So, I cried, sang, and prayed, in my closet…on my stool.

And, when I opened my eyes, SDYM was quietly sitting next to me on the floor of my closet.

SDYM: Mom, I know how your brain works, now.

Me: wiping away tears How?

SDYM: You think all the time. My brain thinks about fun things and your brain thinks about everything. You get it?

Me: No, I don’t think I understand.

SDYM: See, if my brain thinks, “I want to take a private jet to Paris” your brain thinks “I have to get a $1,000 to pay for the plane. I have to get Ricky II’s passport. I have to make sure Ricky II has somewhere safe to stay. I have to get Ricky II on the plane on time. I have to make sure Ricky II has money for food.”

I got it. But, he continued.

SDYM: My brain thinks about fun things and your brain thinks about everything. So, the fun things can happen for me.

Y’all…I lost it.

He continued.

SDYM: So, Mom. I’m going to start thinking about you instead of always just thinking about fun things for me.

I dried my tears.

While I was in my feelings…I needed to come out of them to talk to My Son.

Me: Oh, Sweet Pea. I appreciate you thinking about me. But, your job is to think and dream about fun things. And, my job is to think about everything. You are My Child and I am Your Mom. And, I absolutely love my job. God gave me this brain…so, I could think of all the things you need…so, I can clear a path for you to do the fun things. I love that you worry about me. But, it’s my job to worry about you. And, it’s your job to dream big and give it your all.

He nods.

Me: What are the only two things I want from you?

SDYM: To give it my all and be kind.

Me: That’s it. And, I promise you, if you do that, I’ll do the rest.

SDYM: nods

Me: And, Mommy’s not sad. I’m tired. And, sometimes when I’m tired, I go to my closet and talk to Jesus…because He’s My Friend.

SDYM let out a BIG sigh of relief…because That Baby was prepared to carry whatever was stressing His Mama.

But, in that moment, I think he found calm and understood…I’m His Mama…so, I support him. And, God’s My Daddy and He supports me.

And Jesus is My Friend, who thought enough of me to loan me His Daddy.

So, EV’RYBODY in this house is COVERED!!!!



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