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Lessons from the Balcony: How SDYM Taught Me to Appreciate the Moment

I live about three years in the future at all times for SDYM…working to clear a path to ensure he has every opportunity to maximize his personal potential…so, I’m not often in the moment.

However, SDYM ALWAYS lives in the moment.

Yesterday evening, I was on the couch sending texts, busily advocating for My Child…

SDYM: Mom, come look at this!!!!*motioning me to join him on the balcony*

Me: What is it, Sweet Pea? Mommy’s working. not looking up from my phone

SDYM: The sunset is beautiful and I want you to see it!!!

Me: slightly annoyed Mommy really needs to get this text out about your trip to Tallahassee.

Then, I heard myself.

I’m planning FOR him and he’s asking me to BE with him…in the moment.

I put my phone down and go to My Child.

He puts his arm around my neck.

SDYM: Isn’t it Beautiful?!!!*excitedly smiling*

Me: Oh My Goodness, Sweet Pea!!! It’s breathtaking. It looks like God. Thank you for sharing this with me!!

In that moment, I felt all the stress in my body melt away as I watched the winter sunset with My Baby.

Thank you, Father God, for pairing me with a soul who encourages me to stop and smell the roses and savor Your sunsets.

I am going to miss him so much when he moves into the dorms.

Lord, please hold my heart.❤️


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