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From Start to Finish: A Journey of Independence in the Skies

BOOM!! BANG!!! POW!!! SHA-BANG!!!! 🎉⭐️🎊🤩

Solo traveling.

While this is not SDMY's first time flying unaccompanied, it is his first time navigating all parts by himself.

From start to finish…he did it himself.

⭐️Boarding Pass ✅

⭐️TSA ✅

⭐️Notification of Pre-Boarding ✅

⭐️Boarding ✅

I stood down and kept my distance as he navigated the process independently.

He looked like such a Confident Young Man.🤩

The only time I could see My Baby in him was when he blew me several kisses before he disappeared through the gate!!!!!👶🏽❤️🥺🥰😍

He’s ready…and I’m slowly getting there.❤️

Lord, please hold My Heart.❤️🙏🏾


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