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From Print Jobs to Emotional Intelligence: A Lesson in Problem-Solving and Love

So, there is a FedEx Office in our neighborhood.

And yesterday, I was working on a really big project.

Therefore, I decided to send my print job to FedEx Office and text SDYM to pick up the printed material on his way home from the bus stop.

Later in day, it began to rain.

My mind immediately thought I should go get the printed material myself, so it doesn’t get wet.

But, the day got away from me.

By the time SDYM got off the bus and texted me to tell me he had picked up my material from the printer, the rain had slowed down to a drizzle.

So, the thought in my mind was…”The top and bottom pages may be ruined but I made a few extra copies, so I should be good.”

Shortly after that thought, SDYM walked in the house and went to his room.

I didn’t ask for the printed material.

A few minutes later, after he got settled, he came out of his room, holding a sealed FedEx envelope.

My brain immediately thought, “ I didn’t have a package. I had print material. They must’ve given him someone else’s package. It’s always something.”

Me: Sweet Pea, Mommy needed some papers. I didn’t have a package.

SDYM: I know. I sealed your papers inside the envelope because I didn’t want them to get wet.


Me: Ricky II, that was extremely thoughtful of you and some wonderful problem solving.

SDYM: Yeah. I thought to my brain “This woman works really hard and this bag is flimsy. I don’t want anything to happen to my mom’s stuff.”

I pulled the seal on the envelope and inside was my bag of printed material nice and dry, and ready for my next big venture!!!

Me: Thank you for thinking of me.🥰❤️🤩

SDYM: You’re welcome. I love you, Mom.🥰

Friends, if we can take a moment to appreciate the top tier executive functioning and emotional intelligence that occurred during that thought process!!!!

He’s Ready!

Praises to The Most High!!!!🎉🎊

And, Future Daughter In Law, you’re about to be WINNING, My Love!!! So, treat him right.❤️  #Autism #ComingOfAge #nuerodivergent #KillinTheGame #AutismPRIDE #AutismMom #Growth #WeGotThis


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