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Empowering Independence: ChatGPT's Role in Navigating Real-Time Life Skills

It’s the ACCOUNTABILITY for me!!!!

I’m not sure what happened. But we seldom do B’s and we certainly don’t accept C’s.

So, I shot SDYM a quick image of his real time grades from ParentVUE (one of my favorite apps).

I am 100% confident that he will raise these grades within a week.

However, I am most impressed with what he said to me in conversation regarding the grades that he earned.

He said, “When I go to my teachers I use “I” statements. That way I don’t blame them for the grade I earned.”

I was stunned and impressed by that declaration!

Me: OH MY GOODNESS, Sweet Pea!!! That is an amazingly mature outlook. I love it! Who taught you that?


Me: BOOM!!!!

I have taught SDYM to use AI to break down social and self-advocacy situations real time.

I created an account for him to use on his phone. He tells ChatGPT what he wants to do and ChatGPT simplifies the situation and gives him a means by which to navigate it.


Now he doesn’t have to wait until he comes home to have me walk him through strategies to navigate communicating and interacting with others!!!!

Strategies for successful independence is the goal!

In my mission based work, I help parents discover individualized strategies to ensure their children WIN!!!! BOOM!!!!


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