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Empowering Communication: How AI Helped SDYM Articulate his Thoughts Effectively

SDYM is an effective and consistent self-advocate.

Last night, he explained his newest ACT accommodation to his ACT prep tutor.

I was dog tired. So, I was asleep by the time his tutoring session was over.

This morning, I asked him about the conversation with his tutor.

He told me he felt his tutor did not understand what he was saying.

I immediately asked if he wanted me to write an email to the test prep center.

Then, I realized that would not benefit SDYM or help him grow and develop his communication capabilities.

This won’t be the last time that he attempts to explain himself to someone and they not understand.

So, I called him into the room and told him I wanted him to input the thoughts he intended to express to his tutor into ChatGPT.

And, we would use AI as a tool to help him organize and communicate his thoughts more effectively…so there’s a better opportunity to be understood and have his objective met.

AI generated a beautiful letter that wonderfully communicated SDYM’s thoughts and desires for his test preparation experience.

However, I realized upon reading the letter that someone who works closely with SDYM, may think the letter came from me.

So, with the assistance of ChatGPT, we generated a clause to insert in his email to communicate the use of AI assistance.

“Last night, I attempted to explain my thoughts to you, but I felt my communication may not have been as clear as I intended. Therefore, I have taken the liberty to articulate my thoughts using ChatGPT to ensure clarity in my communication. These thoughts and words are entirely mine; I simply used AI assistance to convey them more effectively.”

AI has been a wonderful tool for us in communication. I strongly suggest incorporating it into your child’s life, particularly if they are emerging in their communication and language acquisition skills.

Sometimes a learner’s linguistic output doesn’t match the complexity of their thoughts.

AI levels communication and makes the experience more equitable for individuals who may benefit from additional support in communication.

NOW!!!! This is the workshop I need to teach! Using AI to help your teen communicate effectively and navigate social situations. BOOM!!!!  #StrategiesOnStrategiesOnStrategies


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