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A Culture of Care: How Compassionate Leadership Transforms Organizations

Yesterday, I went into the preschool for the first time since the new year.

And, I was greeted with love and hugs from the children. But, that is not outside of the ordinary.

However, the remarkable thing about yesterday was I was greeted with hugs and love from the teachers as well.

One teacher even told me that she couldn’t wait to return because she missed being at school.


Work shouldn’t hurt.

Your team members are assets to your organization.

Compassionate leaders treat them as such.

But what exactly is compassion?

It’s the next level up from empathy.

Empathy is making an earnest effort to understand another person.

Compassion is acting on that understanding.

After teaching for a year during the pandemic, I came to understand teachers from a different lens.

Now, that I have my own teaching staff again, I act and make decisions with that understanding in mind.

See…really can’t make another grown person do anything…even when they work for you.

However, by leading with compassion and seeing team members as humans first and employees second, you can motivate and inspire people to want to give your organization their absolute best. #CompassionateLeadership #WorkShouldntHurt


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