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It takes a raise a mommy...

Today I thank God for Parents' Place in Pacific Grove, CA. As a new mommy of a 4 week old...I was utterly exhausted and I felt nothing like myself, I was a Stay at Home Mom and SDK and I were stuck in the house everyday. Other than love him, feed him, and keep him clean I really didn't know what to do with him. I was a little afraid of how I was feeling so I made an appointment with my primary care physician. After I explained to him how my body and mind were feeling. He responded by asking, "Have you always been chubby?" Then proceeded to lecture me on the benefits of a healthy weight. I was BLOWN. What little energy I had...he just snatched it out of me. I got off his table and picked up SDK's carrier with tears in my eyes.. I knew I couldn't go home. In Lamaze class and at my maternity photo session, I was told about the place called Parents' Place. Of course I didn't think I would need it at the time because..of course, I was going to be SuperMom. But I filed the information away in my head anyway. I am so glad I did. I left the doctor's office and drove teary eyed to the safe haven of Parents' Place. They took me and Baby SDK in that day. Their policy was they never turned away a mom with a baby 3 months or under...such a critical time. For the next 3 years SDK and I went to Parents' Place every week...several times a week for our mommy and me activities, parent education, and playgroups. I am still friends with my circle of mommy friends and teachers from Parents' Place...My Village. Motherhood can be isolating. Link into a network, if you feel yourself getting any stage of parenting. We are all in this world together. We Got This. ❤️#ItTakesAVillage #ToRaiseAMommy

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