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SDK's First Joke

There is such beauty in parenting a child on the autism spectrum. Everyday, I get the privilege to share in little victories as SDK discovers a new SuperPower. Today at 9 years old, SDK told his first joke...

Although I think SDK is hilariously funny and makes me laugh often, joke were not a concept he readily understood. One characteristic of autism is understanding information very literally. I have to explain jokes and idioms to SDK.

So today while making his breakfast, SDK told me he wanted to tell me a joke...I listened but assumed he was just going to tell me a "wacky" story...which is his version of a joke.

But instead he said...

SDK: Why did the computer cough? Me: Why SDK: Because it had a virus. Me: Oh My God, Ricky II!! You just told a joke!!! SDK: Ooooh!! You said "God" Me: I know. I'm sorry. I was just so excited. SDK: I know but you can say, "Oh, My Gosh" not "Oh, My God". Me: Okay, you're right. I am so impressed by your joke. That was really funny! SDK: I have another one! Why did the clock get in trouble in class? Me: Why SDK: Because it kept Tick Tocking! Me: 😂😂😂 SDK: What is the snakes favorite subject? Me: I don't know. What? SDK: Hiss-story!! Me: 😂😂😂Ricky II, you are very funny and great at telling jokes! SDK: I know. I read a book called Jokes for the Classroom. Me: ❤❤😊😊😍😍

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