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Because I'm Super!

I stand in constant amazement of SDK... He is a "Seize the Moment" child. Today when we were leaving the Sprayground, the attendant was giving the 15 minutes to closing call on the megaphone. Fascinated by the loud sound...SDK walked over to the attendant... SDK: Hey, what's that? Guy: A megaphone. SDK: What did you say? Guy: I told everyone we will be closing in 15 minutes. SDK: Oh, can I tell everybody? Guy: No...its for us to use... (He turns to go in the building then he turns back around) Sure, Why not! SDK: 😃😆😄😛😜💥⚡🎉

That young man made My Child's day!!

While walking to the car.... SDK: You know why he let me do that? Because I'm Super!

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