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My kids love KinderJam. My oldest will be 5 in January and he loves it! He wishes he could go every day! My youngest, on the other hand, would act like he did not want to have anything to do with it! He would sit on the side and watch, he would want to play with the toys but not want to participate as a group. I would take him when I took my oldest and he would do the same thing every time.... hid his face, demand that I held him, etc. My son socially shuts down when there are other people outside of his "family circle." But since we have been attending KinderJam in the last year and half he is showing big improvement! He loves to jump around and be loud at home and now has started to be comfortable enough to do the same in KinderJam class! He shows excitement when we attend class and participates more than he has in the last year and a half. We love KinderJam for this!

Holly Lomibao

Misawa, Japan

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KinderJam's Mission

KinderJam®  recognizes that each child is an individual and all young children are creative and need to succeed. Therefore, KinderJam works with parents, caregivers, and program directors to create an environment that allows our young children to experience success while respecting them as diverse learners. KinderJam® believes that it is essential to reach children early, and to instill in them an enthusiasm for learning that ensures they gain the confidence to succeed and become lifelong learners.

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