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SDYM: The Sherlock Holmes of His School – A Tale of Lost and Found!

Nobody’s gonna put SDYM in a corner!!!!

Okay…soooooo…nephew lost his keys and wallet Tuesday at school.

Essentially, he left them in his fifth period class and his fifth period teacher kindly brought his keys and wallet to him in his seventh period class.

When the bell rang to dismiss the students from school, SDYM left his seventh period class without grabbing his keys and wallet from his desktop.

Before getting on the bus, he realized that he didn’t have his keys and wallet, which are housed on a lanyard, and he returned to the class to retrieve the items.

When he arrived at the class, he realized that the keys and wallet were gone.

Now, I was at home, waiting for SDYM to get home from school.

When 3:24pm rolled around and no SDYM, I looked on Life360 and discovered he was still at the school.

School had been out for over 30 minutes at that point.

So, I called SDYM…and he immediately put a teacher on the phone to explain the situation.

Two different teachers explained to me how they have walked around the perimeter looking for the keys and wallet unsuccessfully.

So, I got dressed, got in the car, and I drove to the school to help SDYM look for his things.

We couldn’t find his belongings. So, we visited the front office and let them know situation.

They told us they would look into it the next day.

I was extremely disappointed in SDYM. Because I tell him repeatedly, that he is responsible for his keys and wallet as young man.

And, I further stress to him that as a young Black man, he should NEVER be anywhere without ID, currency, a charged phone, and access to his home.


From SDYM’s perspective, one of the worst things that could ever happen to him is his mom being disappointed by his behavior or decision making.

I know and understand this.

Disappointment from me doesn’t occur often, but when it does, it hangs heavily on My Son.

So, SDYM promised me that he was going to make this right.

The next day, Wednesday, I walked into the front office of SDYM’s school to pick him up early from school for an appointment.

SDYM was already in the office when I arrived.

I noticed that he didn’t have any of his belongings with him.

Therefore, I knew he wasn’t in the office waiting for me.

I instructed him to go get his things so we could leave.

When he left, the office personnel informed me that he had been in the office no less than 20 TIMES that day to remind them of the importance of finding his keys.

She told me the security guard swept the campus and reviewed all security cameras because SDYM was adamant about the importance of finding his keys.

I told the office staff that I was no longer concerned about the keys in the wallet. And assured them that I wasn’t upset about the situation because he was more upset than I could ever be.

I let the school know that, in my mind, the issue was resolved.

That afternoon, I stressed to SDYM that I was fine with the keys being lost and we would get replacements for his wallet and all items in it.

Even though by Wednesday afternoon, we had a new wallet, new keys, a new credit card, and a temporary ID, SDYM was determined to right the wrong and return to his mother’s good graces.

Realizing how adamant My Son was about the situation, I decided to explain the concept of theft to him.

I explained to him that there is a high likelihood that we won’t see his keys and wallet again.

I told him that if the keys had been there Wednesday morning, it may have been because a friend picked them up at the end of the day, Tuesday, with the intention of returning them to him the next day at school.

However, since it was now Wednesday afternoon and the keys had not shown up, there is a likelihood that someone just took them.

Then, I went on to explain some of the reasons why people may take things that don’t belong to them.

So, the situation was an essentially over, in my mind.

But not for SDYM!!!!

This joker goes to school and employs the assistance of student detectives!!!!

So, mid Thursday morning, I get a FaceTime call from SDYM in the middle of his school day.

He informed me that a student has taken a picture of someone who had his wallet in their possession and offered me a detail account of all the detective work that has been done…to include the name of the alleged offender. 

He is closer to solving the mystery!!!

With this information, I go into Mommy mode and explain to SDYM to leave the issue alone because we don’t know the circumstances of the individual who took the wallet and the issue has been resolved because he has replacement items.

I could tell he was unconvinced.

But, I assumed that he would leave the issue alone because I was okay.

Ummm…wellllll…anyway…Friday after school, SDYM wakes me up from my nap, dangling his old lanyard, keys, and wallet in front of my face, while GRINNING WITH PRIDE!!!!!




When I looked at my phone, I had a text message from SDYM telling me he had his keys and a rather lengthy voicemail from the school informing me that and SDYM’s keys and wallet had been returned to him.

When I talked to SDYM about the situation…he felt it was wrong for someone to take his keys. And, I taught him never to let anyone mistreat him.

Then, he asked, “Are you proud of me? I stood up for myself.“

To which I responded, “Sweet Pea, I am tremendously proud of you for standing your ground and advocating for yourself.”

And, BOOM!!!!

NOBODY. And I mean, NOBODY puts SDYM in a corner!!!

You, Go, Mama Baby!!!!


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