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Living the Dream: Empowering Middle Schoolers through Social-Emotional Wellbeing

If I wake up everyday and have a day like today…I would be living my dream.

Today, I had the ultimate privilege of teaching a lesson about social-emotional wellbeing to a group of spirited and expressive middle schoolers.

There is something so electrifying about sharing learning space with young people. You can literally feel promise and the potential of greatness in the room.

Today, we discussed the complexity of varied emotions living inside of us simultaneously.

The conversation gave space to share that we are all entitled to our emotions and emotions are not good or bad. They’re there and they belong to us.

We feel them all.

The key is to manage them so we can regulate our thoughts, words, and actions to positively work to our benefit and learn to use them to inform healthy decisions making.

The cherry on top of the experience was the time I got to spend with Dr. Bowen’s SuperKids.

Because, y’all know there is a very special place in my heart reserved just for SuperKids like my own SDYM.

I am determined to live everyday using My Gifts and walking in My God Given Purpose.

So, if you’re looking for a dynamic speaker and learning facilitator to developmental-appropriately engage the preteens or teenagers at your school or in your organization on topics of social-emotional wellbeing, self-advocacy, or team and community building…I’m your girl!!! BOOM!!!!


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