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From Dread to Delight: My Journey as an IEP Team Captain

There was a time when I dreaded IEP meetings.

They felt like contentious battles between me and the school team.

Then, when SDYM was in the third grade, I came to the realization that the IEP team is in fact a team and I’m the team captain.

In fourth grade, once the team was working cohesively, SDYM started attending the meeting so he could offer his perspective to the team as we plan his goals.

Now, I look forward to our IEP team meetings.

I understand that it’s a dedicated time for me to sit down with service providers and plan out the goals for SDYM’s year ahead.

In middle school, SDYM made a goal chart of his goals during and after high school.

We use his goal chart at IEP meetings during his high school years to ensure that IEP Team is making goals that are in alignment with the things that SDYM wants for his life.

SDYM’s input in the meeting is imperative.

Because, I have come to understand that while I am the team captain, SDYM is the MVP!

He is the only person in the room who is on the autism spectrum.

He is the expert.

And, we are the support.

Thank you, Father God for another BEAUTIFULLY PRODUCTIVE IEP meeting. ❤️🙏🏾 #ItTakesAVillage and #OurVillageIsTopNotch


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