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First Day of School Eve

I know it is Labor Day... But for me it is the First Day of School Eve... A day filled with reflection, preparation, and prayer... My Baby is growing...once a heartbeat and a a 3rd Grader, tall and strong. Laying out his new clothes...talking about his new teacher...and the SuperKid decisions I expect him to make throughout the year... Praying that God watches over him while he is outside of my care and touches the heart of all who come in contact with him... But now I just watch him and listen to his breath as he sleeps peacefully in his bed... One last day...of no clocks...just us...I will savor every moment of this day... Because tomorrow, I will trust my child to a teacher for 6 hours a day...5 days a week...for 10 months out of the year... And I pray that she partners with me in helping to shape his heart and build his mind so he can reach the highest of his potential... Lord, Bless My Child -Mama Bear ❤

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