The KinderJam is an early childhood training, enrichment, and care agency. We assist our clients by providing mobile early childhood services that can be easily integrated into any space, environment, or budget. KinderJam is committed to providing engaging and meaningfullearning experiences designed to meet the diverse learning needs of young children and the parents and professionals who work with young children.

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Training and Keynotes    

High quality service provider training in the areas of engaging with families of diverse young learner and facilitating inclusion.

Keynote Address

Request for El to offer a keynote address for your organization.

Parent Workshops

​KinderJam offers a series of Parent Engagement Workshops that teach parents techniques and enable them to effectively serve as their child’s primary educator and greatest advocate, while incorporating KinderJam’s fun, upbeat teaching approaches. 

KinderJam Instructor Training

Become a KinderJam Instructor.

KinderJam Curriculum

Bring KinderJam to your early learning environment. Our curriculum uses contemporary, upbeat children’s music to expose children to to fundamental skills that will assist in preparing our little ones for future success in school. 

Ideal for Preschools, Daycares, In-home Daycares, and Family Playgroups . 

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Fun and engaging! I like the idea of educating kids through music and play. I can tell that my son enjoyed all his KinderJam classes. He loves the props and charts and my kid has also become more confident.

Angie Goh


KinderJam came into my life at a time when I needed a boost. Being a stay-at-home mom can feel isolating. KinderJam provided a place to get away from distractions, a time to focus solely on my kids, and a platform to meet other moms before and after class. Since KinderJam is kinetic and upbeat, it is an immediate boost and connector. 

KinderJam inspired me. I always left each class feeling empowered to be a better parent: more attentive, more in tune, with a springboard into learning. I made great friends. My kids still sing the songs and idolize our instructor, even though they have graduated out of the class. Who doesn't love education even more and feel on top of the world after KinderJam? Woo-hoo!!!!

Mandy See

Carlsbad, CA

We initially did KinderJam in Monterey. My oldest daughter was 18 months when we started, and is now 3. We are at Fort Carson now and she continues to LOVE KinderJam. Our younger child is 15 months and she also LOVES the class, and woo-hoos. Awesome program for my kids.


Kristin Nessel

Fort Carson, CO

We had an amazing experience and looked forward to and enjoyed every class. El Brown is a great leader and has an amazing God given gift to reach both the children and the moms with her enthusiasm and joy.


Michelle Van Hook

Monterey, CA

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