Training and Keynotes    

High quality service provider training in the areas of engaging with families of diverse young learner and facilitating inclusion.

Keynote Address

Request for El to offer a keynote address for your organization.

Parent Workshops

​KinderJam offers a series of Parent Engagement Workshops that teach parents techniques and enable them to effectively serve as their child’s primary educator and greatest advocate, while incorporating KinderJam’s fun, upbeat teaching approaches. 

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"We had an amazing experience and looked forward to and enjoyed every class. El Brown is a great leader and has an amazing God given gift to reach both the children and the moms with her enthusiasm and joy."


Michelle Van Hook

Monterey, CA

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KinderJam is an early childhood training, enrichment, and care agency. We assist our clients by providing early childhood education services. KinderJam is committed to providing engaging and meaningful learning experiences designed to meet the diverse learning needs of young children and the parents and professionals who work with young children.

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