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Straight Talk with Dr. El

Complex Topics Made Simple!

Dr. El uses her unique brand of Straight Talk to make complex topics about Young Children, Families, Parenting, and Womanhood simple. Her mission is to provide families and service providers the support, information, and tools needed to love and care for children well. Dr. El uses Straight Talk to teach and inspire listeners because she believes high-quality knowledge and information should be accessible, digestible, and useable for everyone.

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Work with Dr. El

Bring High-quality Information Directly to Your Families!

Dr. El's unique brand of Straight Talk is a valuable addition to your virtual or face-to-face family trainings or conference. Dr. El bring with her expertise and commonsense wisdom filtered through three lens - an educator, a researcher, and most importantly, a mother. Work with Dr. El and give the families you serve the gift of high-quality information about navigating life, family and parenting young children.

Family Time

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