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Welcome to an inspiring journey with Dr. El – your dedicated guide to unlocking the full potential of team and family engagement!


In the dynamic realm of early childhood development, nurturing strong connections among teams, families, children, and communities is paramount for success. Dr. El, a seasoned facilitator, brings boundless energy and a fervent dedication to professional, family, and community development, with a mission to spark positive change for young children.


Embark on an exciting exploration of the profound impact that team, family, and community engagement can have on service providers and the lives of the children and families they support. Dr. El firmly believes that by uniting teams and communities and empowering families, we can achieve victories that benefit everyone involved.

Let’s work together to help teams, families, and communities WIN!!

Empowering Engagement

Meet Dr. El and Ricky II 

Dr. El Brown is the Founder of KinderJam and a skilled engagement strategist. Early in her career, Dr. El served as an Elementary and Early Childhood educator in the United States, Japan, and South Korea. Upon her return to the US, Dr. El founded KinderJam and has partnered with agencies to serve young children and their families globally.


It is Dr. El’s mission to empower families and service providers with high-quality skills and strategies needed to assist them in helping children maximize their personal potential. To her core, she believes all children deserve to be loved and cared for well, and EVERY family deserves to WIN!!!!


Above all, Dr. El is the proud mother of a college-bound son on the autism spectrum, who holds a 3.9 GPA, is a member of the National Honor Society, an author, an accomplished visual artist, a roller coaster aficionado, an awarded musician, the Drum Major of his high school's marching band, and is affectionately known as SuperDuperYoungMan (SDYM).

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Embark on a rhythmic adventure with KinderJam, a journey that began in Dr. El's living room in 2008 and is now ready to enrich your family's experience.


Let KinderJam empower your children and families through the dynamic world of Music and Movement.


Dr. El's carefully curated curriculum ensures an interactive, joy-filled learning experience, fostering engaging parent-child connections with entertaining and educational early childhood activities.


Unleash the potential of play and discovery with KinderJam!

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