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Meet Dr. El Brown.

Educator by trade. Family Engagement Advocate by passion. Mom by heart.


Family engagement is a family-centered,

strength-based approach to establishing and

maintaining respectful, reciprocal relationships

with families. Effective partnerships with families benefit everyone.


Through effective family engagement practices, organizations and service providers are better able to recognize and meet the needs and wants of diverse families. Additionally, family engagement assists in increasing a family’s capacity to love,

care for, and meet the needs of their family. 

Lastly, family engagement is major contributor to positive outcomes for children. When effective family engagement practices are implemented, families and communities WIN. Let’s work together to ensure families and

communities WIN!!

Every Family Deserves to Win.

Discover Dr. El's Family Engagement 

Solutions for agencies, organizations,

and families.

kinderjam - thumbs up.png

Empower your clients and their families with the power of KinderJam. Dr. El has created a NEW interactive at-home curriculum that promotes parent and child engagement through fun and educationally sound activities.

Work with Dr. El to bring the best in professional development & family engagement trainings to your community.

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