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Empowerment in Action: SDYM's Bold Vision for the Future

I’m sooooo enjoying watching SDYM come into his own. He speaks life into himself…

I’m eavesdropping on a conversation…

SYDM: Yeah. I can’t wait to go college. I’m going to Florida A&M University and I’m going to major in Music and minor in Fine Arts.

Service Provider: Okay.

SDYM: Yeah. I’m in high school now to get good grades, so I can go to college.

SP: College *something something* hard.

SDYM: I wouldn’t use the word “hard”. I’d say “advanced”. But I’ll be prepared.

BOOM!! BANG!!! POW!!! SHA-BANG!!!! 🎊🎉


Mama Baby!!!!

Don’t speak deficit or marginalizing language in My Child’s space!!!! #HeDontPlayBoutHisGoals #GatheringEdges


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