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April is Autism Awareness Month

April is Autism Awareness Month! So, SDK and I would like to share one of the faces and voices of autism.

Yesterday, my little guy and I went to The Adventure Park at Sandy Spring Friends School in Maryland. He loves to climb and wanted to take it to the next level by doing a zip line obstacle course. Not only did he complete the obstacle courses...he worked passed his fear and completed one the more advanced obstacle courses. He was so proud of his accomplishments yesterday that he wanted to make a video for his dad this morning. Well, after we made the video, SDK decided he wanted to narrate the video, YouTube style. SDK, who’s now 10, was nonverbal until four years old. So, I never shy away from an opportunity for him to use his words. As I listened to him narrate the video, I was proud and amazed. But I was really tickled when he paused during his narration and asked me if he could use the word “difficult.” See...I practice Strength Based Language…so I seldom use words like “difficult” or “hard” when I am talking to or about SDK. Funny how he picked up on that. 😊

The words we use as parents are the words our babies hear in their head. Parents, keep talking… Your babies are listening and growing in ways we may not see immediately. ❤

This is what autism looks and sounds like for SDK. Enjoy and Be Encourage, Parents. Our babies Got This…and We Got Them!!❤🐻


April 13, 2017

I not only love SDK. I really like him. And in addition to liking and loving him...I respect him. Today, I got a glimpse of the man my child will grow to be...and I could not be more proud.

While suspended in mid-air, frozen, in the middle of an obstacle...I saw fear in my son's eyes... Also seeing this, the kind man behind him showed SDK the escape ladder and told SDK if he came back to the platform he could take the ladder down...

My baby said, "No. I cannot quit." Then he looked down at me and said, "I got this".

He went back to the platform, high in the trees, to regroup himself. Then Mr. Jeff, the kind man, and I talked a tenacious little boy across an obstacle that would have caused some adults to turn around.

Mr. Jeff and his wife, Amy *who I later found out was a special education teacher* placed SDK between them and went through the hour long advance level obstacle course. We cheered him on and talked him through each challenge. I watch my child's pride and confidence grow with each personal victory. HE DID IT!!! And he most most certainly GOT THIS!!! BOOM!!!!

All of the best things I've learned about life... I've learn by watching SDK. My Child!!! 😍❤😘😘