Friendship Numbers, Room for Everyone.

It all started with a song I wrote for SDK in kindergarten when he said he didn't want to go back to Spring Break camp because he couldn't make any friends... My heart broke for My Baby...the next day was a snow day and we cuddled....the following day we walked into camp together...hand in hand. After observing the play environment of camp...I wrote the song Friendship Numbers for SDK...and decided my ministry would be playing a song about inclusive play in every KinderJam class. For the last four years, our KinderJammers and their families have practiced counting to ten while celebrating diversity in play. And now My Baby and I have written a children's book... I wrote the lyrics and he wrote all of the dialouge for the speech bubble. My Baby was non-verbal until four years old. To God be the GLORY!!!!!!

"Friendship numbers, plenty of fun. Friendship numbers, room for everyone".


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