The KinderJam is an early childhood training, enrichment, and care agency. We assist our clients by providing mobile early childhood services that can be easily integrated into any space, environment, or budget. KinderJam is committed to providing engaging and meaningfullearning experiences designed to meet the diverse learning needs of young children and the parents and professionals who work with young children.

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Happy Birthday, KinderJam!!!!

Today we're 8!!! Eight years ago today, KinderJam taught its first class in Monterey County, CA. Since that day KinderJam has traveled the world and taught classes in 11 countries and 16 states touching the lives of thousands of young children and their families!! Now, we have happily landed in Fairfax County and are excited to serve the Northern Virginia area and its families! What a wonderful ride it has been!!! Here's to the next 8!!! 🐻❤️ #Blessed#OurPassion #parents #children #Family