Table Manners Victory

Table Manners on FLEEK!!! BOOM!!!! The waiter walked up at SDK's favorite restaurant... I told him we were ready to order. Much to my surprise... SDK started to order... SDK: Yes. I'll have Aussie rolls, sweet potato fries, salmon, and a lemonade to drink. Thank you. Me: O_O *could have knocked me over with a feather* Waiter: Anything for you? Me: Just a hot water with lemon. Waiter: Alright. And sir, I'll have your food right out. SDK: Thank you very much. Then when his food came out, completely unprompted, SDK takes his silverware from his napkin, places his napkin in his lap, and started using his knife and fork properly. BOOM!!!! I caught it all on camera. There was a time when going to a restaurant was a challenge. I used to carry an arsenal of activities to keep him engaged. I kept taking him because I felt he deserved to learn. I have stank-eyed restaurant patrons when he was younger...even approached a woman, who made an unnecessary and unappreciated comment, at her table when he was much younger... *trust. you want NONE of Mama Bear* I always felt My Baby deserved his place in this world... And now he has this restaurant thing on LOCK! Parents, we go this!!! Our babies need us as their advocates to shelter them as they grow and thrive!!!! Get it, SDK!!! #LifeSkills #Autism #TableManners #GoodBetterBest#NeverLetItRest #TilYourGoodIsYourBetter#AndYourBetterIsYourBEST #ILoveMySuperKid


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