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Meet Dr. El Brown.

Educator by trade. Family engagement advocate by passion. Mom by heart.

Dr. El is just a country girl...

Who went to school...

Lived all over the world...

Loves her baby...

Knows her stuff...

And is passionate about her work

of helping families WIN!!

Family Engagement = Success 

Insert Paragraph from El on family engagement. Sample text > After living in the triage and fight modes indicative of the ostrich phase and special designation, things are beginning to calm down during the normalization phase. The parent is beginning to find her rhythm. She is beginning to visualize her version of the future for her child. She is beginning to think, “My child and our family just might be okay.” Therefore, in her mind hope develops – hope for her child and hope for her child’s future.

Every Family Deserves to Win.

Discover Dr. El's Family Engagement 

Solutions for agencies, organizations,

and families.

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Empower your clients and their families with the power of KinderJam. Dr. El has created a NEW interactive at-home curriculum that promotes parent and child engagement through fun and educationally sound activities.

Work with Dr. El to bring the best in professional development & family engagement trainings to your community.


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