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Friendship Numbers


Friendship Numbers is a number concept book that celebrates diversity in children and the beauty of inclusive play. Meet SuperDuperKid, an eight year old with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and his friends. The SuperKids in Friendship Numbers are diverse in personality and abilities and enjoy playing together in an inclusive environment. Celebrate inclusive play with this book co-written by a child on the autism spectrum and his mom.

Mama Bear


El Brown won’t ever forget the day she received word of her son’s diagnosis. She never wants another parent to go through that life altering experience alone. Rather, she hopes to empower and help prepare parents for the challenging, yet promising, experience of raising a child with autism.

Mama Bear is El’s personal story, providing an optimistic view of what some may see as adversity. Through storytelling and sharing her diary entries, El provides a positive outlook of love, advocacy, and humor as she lives life with her son, affectionately known as SuperDuperKid.

This engaging memoir tells of one mother’s experience of her son’s autism diagnosis, and their journey of love and acceptance.

Meet SDK and his SuperKid Friends
Gingerbread Boy
SuperDuperKid and Mom

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