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 Dr. El Brown              
Experience The Difference!


KinderJam® is a fun, exciting, and high-energy Early Childhood Education learning program that emphasizes the kinesthetic and tactile presentation of Early Childhood Education skills and concepts. In simple terms, kinesthetic learning is "learning by doing" and tactile learning is "learning by touching." Our classes and camps are designed to engage children ranging from 6 weeks to 8 years old. Communities love our KinderJam Parent Engagement Workshops, which assist parents of young children in becoming their child's first educator and greatest advocate. Center Directors rave about our interactive Teacher Professional Development Workshops. In any context or setting, our programs are guaranteed

to help young children, parents, and service providers prepare for long-term positive outcomes in young children and their families. 


El Brown, the creator of KinderJam® is a mother, professor, and parent educator, who specializes in Early Childhood Education, Family Engagement and Cultural Competency. She earned a Ph.D. in Education from George Mason University. El also holds a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and a Masters in Early Childhood Education. Therefore, KinderJam’s programs are rooted in sound pedagogy and teaching experience. Prior to leaving the traditional classroom setting, El served as an Elementary and Early Childhood Educator in both the United States and Asia. 


After becoming a mom, El not only made it her personal and professional goal to advocate for Early Childhood Education, but also to enhance the personal, professional, and financial empowerment of women through mobile career opportunities. As a mompreneur, El understands the need for flexible career opportunities while raising a family. Owning this knowledge, she sought to develop a program that would empower women to establish and maintain mobile careers while enriching the lives of young learners in their community.


KinderJam's development was inspired by El's search for quality and affordable activities that could hold her own toddler’s attention and expose him to useful tools for future academic and social success. To this end, KinderJam® focuses on introducing and reinforcing early learning skills using upbeat, contemporary music, creative movement, and fitness—all the while utilizing fun, colorful, and exciting manipulatives.


Our founder believes that all parents and teachers deserve to be exposed to the skills and strategies that will assist them in helping our little ones maximize their personal potential. Since December 2008, KinderJam has grown from an activity taught in El’s home for her young son to an international Early Childhood Enrichment, Parent Education and Teacher Preparation  movement! KinderJam has enriched the lives of thousands of young children and their parents in over eleven countries thus far.


Find out just what makes our parents and little ones come back month after month to Rock, Move, and Learn with KinderJam! Visit one of our classes or sign up for one of our parent or teacher workshops and give your little ones the gift of a fun and exciting, engaging, and meaningful learning experience. We can't wait to Learn and JAM with you!

KinderJam's Core Values

Early Childhood Education and Early Intervention


Positive Family Engagement and Parent Education


Service Provider Preparation and Training


Personal, Professional, and Financial Empowerment for Women


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